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What is top on your to-do list?

Sometimes it happens. We reach a point where we face a wall. It feels like somethings is holding you back and stopping you from moving forward. This happens at work, in training and in...


Why do we have back pain?

One of the most common societal health issues is a very silent but limiting one – the back pain.  Anyone that has experienced back pain knows very suddenly how much it matters to be...


Setting the ideal

We are constantly looking for the ideal. And the definition of ideal something humans always have tried to define. It can be complicated and very philosophical but simply put the ideal is the thing...


Brauchen wir detox diets?

Der Frühling steht vor der Tür und Viele denken sich jetzt ist die perfekte Zeit ein paar Kilo abzunehmen und den Körper zu „reinigen“. Tees, Säfte oder auch bestimmte Shakes und andere Produkte sollen...


6 weeks to get better

I know you are doing your best but sometimes feel like it is not enough.You don’t get enough time to do the things you’d really want to get done.I want to give you some...


50/50 Challenge

Last year about this time I kicked off a small challenge for the community to join. It is called the 50/50 challenge and means we are doing 50 push-ups for 50 days. Everyone that...