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Working at Escapist Crossfit

Hi there,I am happy you wanted to have a look at how it is to work at Escapist CrossFit. In a box there are many tasks and roles than needs to be done by...


Why do we have back pain?

One of the most common societal health issues is a very silent but limiting one – the back pain.  Anyone that has experienced back pain knows very suddenly how much it matters to be...


Brauchen wir detox diets?

Der Frühling steht vor der Tür und Viele denken sich jetzt ist die perfekte Zeit ein paar Kilo abzunehmen und den Körper zu „reinigen“. Tees, Säfte oder auch bestimmte Shakes und andere Produkte sollen...


The only thing you can control

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation. I was talking to a great girl who was doing market research in the realm of fitness. During this pandemic, with lockdowns and restrictions, things change all the...



Have you ever asked this question? Ever started off the first round of a workout blazing, adrenaline pumping, completing the reps faster than everyone – and ended the last round with taking twice as long...


Numbers don’t lie

In February, as we inquired the Inbody Scan, we started a new chapter of understanding the transformation of our members better.Until this point we have been doing manual assessments with all our nutrition coaching...