Monthly Archive: September 2020


Gina’s nutrition journey

It’s about my personal story, the relationship to the food we have, and why Ayurveda can help to heal addictions I no longer strike for perfection when it comes to eating because the one...


Livia & Max [Member Story]

In diesem Video treffen wir die herzlichen Livia und Max zusammen, weil die immer zusammen kommen und zusammen trainieren. Wir sind dankbar solche tolle Mitglieder zu haben! Buche dein Termin hier: http://www.escapistcrossfit.setmore.com


How CrossFit killed Personal Training

At the severe risk of bad-mouthing one of my passions (and income streams :p) I wanted to touch upon something that is often unclear or misinterpreted in the world of fitness, and even my...


How to be happier with yourself

Last week I gave you some easy tools to evaluate your all around health and fitness and this week we will look at some easy stoic mindset tips to keep your mind in the...


2020 Challenge

Starting 1st of September we will start the 2020 challenge which is our way to look at obstacles, which is we try to do something good about it. Starting 1st of September we will...