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Just Show Up

Just Show Up Sometimes I get asked about motivation and how I stay motivated with working out. The conversation usually involves the following questions: Aren’t you tired? Yes. Don’t you get sore? Yes. Do...


Stop down talking yourself

I think you deserve to feel good and to improve at your fitness, but it has to be for the right reason and for the right purpose. Sometimes I can get stressed with my...

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Why I love weightlifting

Last weekend I spent up I Holstebro, north of Denmark, participating in the Burguner Weightlifting Seminar. I have been looking forward to this one for a long while for a couple of reasons. First...


What I think about the electric bike

Last month my wife was looking at one of those massive electric bikes that can transport a family through the city jungle without almost no effort at all. In one sense these bikes are...


Take charge of your future

Due to corona my life has changed inwards, backwards, upside, inside and back almost on a weekly basis. Trying to handle new situations like having to close the gym and suddenly also be taking...